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I am not currently taking any orders

What is the price in USD, AUD, other currencies?


Click here to find out, rates fluctuate all the time so you need to check for yourself.


How much do they cost?


A couple (where one person or both are in traditional outfits) in any pose you want, on a base of any colour with any text is £189.99, this also includes next day delivery to the UK. They take me at least two days to make, use a lot of materials and are very detailed. IF you live outside of the UK there is a charge of £25 to cover the actual shipping cost. You can also buy a set of figures without a base for a cheaper price, click here for the price page.


Do you send to - USA, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand...

Yes, I send hundreds of toppers all over the World every year & I send them to any country in the World.


How do you send the toppers?


I carefully wrap them in tissue paper & bubblewrap, they are sent via a courier (not regular mail). If you live in an EU country your topper will be with you the day after I send it. I will email you the online tracking so you can monitor it on it's journey to you.


If you live in any country outside of the EU it will take 1-3 days for your topper to arrive once I have sent it. There is an additional charge of £25 to cover the actual shipping costs.


I can send to any address - home, work, parents etc


I want to buy a topper, what do I do next?


Go to the prices page and click on the 'buy now' button next to the item you want to purchase. You can pay with Paypal (any customers) or internet banking (UK customers only). If you live outside of the EU please make sure you order the correct item that includes the additional cost for shipping. Once I receive your order I will send you a form to fill in and return along with any photos you want me to see. No refunds are given due to the nature of the figurines being made to your specifications. It is up to you to give me all the details you want including.


Will you make it look like me & my partner?


Yes! They are personalised and unique to you. You provide me with the details of outfits, hair, clothes etc and I make them based on your information. They are not 'real life' type figures, they are a fun representation of the two of you.


What are they made from & can I eat them?


They are made from polymer clay which is 100% non toxic and safe to sit on top of your cake. It's a bit like plastercine but once it's cooked in the oven and then cooled it turns into a solid, hard plastic material that will last for years to come. With that in mind, I wouldn't suggest eating them!


When will I receive my topper?


I work in wedding date order and ask for the date you want the toppers on the order form, I will make sure it is with you before then.


How much notice do you need to make my topper?


I usually ask for at least four weeks notice but can usually help if you need them sooner than that. I also make other wedding toppers & so I am very busy most of the time!


I want a topper but I don't have all the info yet, is that a problem?


No, it's fine, you can buy now and that will secure your place in my diary. Once I have payment I send you the form to fill in and return but if you don't have all the info it's fine, you can just let me know the date of the wedding and a rough idea of when you will know all the details.


Do you have more photos of other types of toppers? Can I visit you to see the toppers?


Yes! I have been making cake toppers for 11 years now and have another website and a Facebook page where you can see all sorts of examples of my previous work. I do not have a shop, I work from my home office & do not see customers there, all my business is conducted via email.


How much do they weigh & can they stand on my cake?

A couple weighs around 130g, so they are very light, they can stand on your cake with no problems. Some people put them next to the cake or as a decoration on their table at their wedding.






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